Strengthen the support process

 Your needs

Increase the quality of the support process

    • Increase business managers’ skills
    • Share business managers and project leaders’ vision
    • Follow and evaluate projects all through the guidance process

Vianeo’s solution

Guide the projet leaders with the help of the Vianeo’s platform

    • Training
    • Workshop
    • Platform

Vianeo, its method and platform, makes it possible to objectify the project management and monitoring process in order to facilitate the role of the coach by helping him to adopt the proper position and to objectify his exchanges with the project leader. A new and more effective way of thinking and managing innovation!

Gégoire Burgé

Business Developper AgroParisTech

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Instant and customized workflow!

✅ Organise your call to project

✅ Train your teams

✅ Support your project

✅ Pilot each project and the entire portfolio