ViaNoveo becomes Vianeo!

ViaNoveo enters a new era of development with a new brand identity. New name, new logo, new communication tools… Thanks to a great job done with the branding agency BrandSilver!

Clearer, easier, more dynamic… So efficient for your innovations!

    • Geometric shapes reflecting simplicity, efficiency and robustness
    • People, Teams and all project stakeholders, at the center of our offer
    • The innovator playing with his/her innovation to shape it, protect it and adapt it so it reaches the market
    • A feeling of stability despite market uncertainty
    • A feeling of finite & infinite to reach the “sun” by capturing the value that will transform any of your ideas into sustainable innovations…

All these words shape our logo, our company and our values! We’ll help you capture your own added value and find “new path” to grow!

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Un embarquement immédiat !

✅ Organisez vos appels à projets/concours

✅ Formez vos équipes

✅ Accompagnez vos projets

✅ Gérez et pilotez votre portefeuille d’innovation

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