Vianeo : new identity

Vianeo is developing its brand and thus confirming its position as a benchmark in the innovation management market.

The branding agency BrandSilver, has built a 3-level brand architecture for Vianeo in order to meet the challenge of conveying a solid foothold in its market.

A strong image

Today, Vianeo is a leading player in the innovation market. Thus, this evolution results in a stable and assured image. It is concretized by:

    • a logo based on dense font
    • a deep blue color that conveys confidence and maturity
    • 2 complementary font: Josefin Sans for its character and Muli for its simplicity.

Human at core

Throughout the reflection that led to this evolution, the importance of preserving what has always been Vianeo’s genesis: the human at the core, has emerged as an essential element.

This brand core is reflected in our communication with the use of geometric shapes, including the green dot on the “i”, which, in addition to enhancing reliability, is here to highlight the human being and his agility behind the use of our solutions.

Easily accessible tools

Vianeo has always developed “fun” tools to facilitate the learning and implementation of a reflection that is by definition complex. With its emblematic character “Neo” and its 5 proofs of value, its deck of cards and its hopscotch, Vianeo’s tools will be your allies to find the best access to value creation!

A brand built with sense

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