Vinci Energies

Co-design the strategic innovation plan


    • COMEX
    • Innovation Direction


Co-design the shared strategic innovation plan for the next 3 years
    • Review current practices
    • Identify stakeholders and their respective needs
    • Define the innovation process and high value-added actions for the group and its partners

Vianeo Solution

Co-design the strategic plan through collective intelligence work with:
    • strategic consulting services
    • Workshops of collective intelligence
    • the Vianeo platform to synthesize and analyze the data collected

By applying the Vianeo method to our own strategic challenge of positioning innovation within the group, we were able to revisit in depth the raison d’être of innovation by involving all stakeholders.
On the basis of this benevolent, exhaustive and objective analysis, we were able to build our innovation process, a solid offer and a 3-year strategic plan that won Comex’s support.

Lydia Babaci-Victor

Vinci Energies Innovation Director

Avec Vianeo, évaluez, sélectionnez et pilotez un portefeuille de projets innovants

Un embarquement immédiat !

✅ Organisez vos appels à projets/concours

✅ Formez vos équipes

✅ Accompagnez vos projets

✅ Gérez et pilotez votre portefeuille d’innovation

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