Vinci Facilities

Co-designing innovative business cases in Open Innovation


    • DG
    • R&D Direction
    • Innovation
    • Sales management


Co-designing innovative projects between partners
    • Get to know each other better and understand each other’s issues
    • Share respective visions of market needs
    • Generate differentiating offers with high added value

Vianeo Solutions

    • Workshop 1 day of co-design of innovative projects
    • Start platform

Vianeo supported us in the organization and animation of a day of Open Innovation, by leading very dynamic workshops for a group of 25 people representing our two structures.
With the support of its operational method, 4 teams, composed of employees from each entity, were able to embark on new projects, in an exploratory position. In one day, we were able to make progress on common topics.

Alexandre arnoux

Director of Development of Vinci Facilities, AgroParisTech

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Instant and customized workflow!

✅ Organise your call to project

✅ Train your teams

✅ Support your project

✅ Pilot each project and the entire portfolio