Study market for market that are not existing yet

thAll the project teams that we are supporting have this question, or fear : to know how to find the good information and what could make sense out of it.

Take the easy way : do the opposite of a classic market study. At first, don’t think about selling a potential innovation because no one could answer you.

Wonder about the 5 good questions :

    1. How the actors, who could be interesed by your innovation without know it, have been living today ?
    2. What are their behaviors ?
    3. What are the availablesolutions ?
    4. Are they satisfied ?
    5. Do they have a problem ? Do they want another solution to resolve their issues ?

With these questions, you will understand where the real potential of your innovatio hides, thanks to the value identification they can bring. You will then account among the 58% of startups which find their market needs, essencial to their soul. (Top 20 reasons start-ups fail)

We have detailed this market exploration process in a bill of specifications for innovative projects. Do not hesitate to ask us !

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