Accelerate access to the startup market

Your needs

To improve the quality of the support process
    • Increase business managers’ skills
    • Share business managers and project leaders’ vision
    • Follow and evaluate projects

Vianeo’s solution

Design a collaborative and iterative market strategy
    • Vianeo Expert Certification for Business Managers
    • Workshops startups kick off incubation
    • the Start + Full platform in white label

Vianeo allows you to make a complete diagnosis of the maturity of innovation projects, to identify their strengths, differentiating features and development challenges. The state objective of reconnecting our project leaders to reality in the exploratory phase: an essential position to improve their offer and validate a business model.

Sebastian Carraro

Digital Business Manager

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Instant and customized workflow!

✅ Organise your call to project

✅ Train your teams

✅ Support your project

✅ Pilot each project and the entire portfolio