Saint Gobain

Conduct a 4-month innovation program


    • R&D Department
    • Innovation
    • Marketing

Your needs

Ensure the relevance of projects from the outset
    • Ask yourself all the right questions from the start
    • Ensure at all times the overall coherence of the project
    • Quickly eliminate projects with no value potential

Vianeo’s solution

Coach project teams with the support of the platform
    • The white label platform
    • Support by a Certified Expert Consultant

We used the Vianeo method and its platform to launch 5 innovative projects. Our teams appreciated the simple, comprehensive and structured approach that helped them to put themselves into action and, above all, to actively listen to the needs of their customers. They have emerged from a “push techno” posture to start from the current problems to be solved by our customers. In addition, decision-makers were able to evaluate each project throughout the work and during the final presentation. They selected the projects with the assurance that the foundations of each were solid and well-founded.

Xavier Dubernat

Marketing Director

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Un embarquement immédiat !

✅ Organisez vos appels à projets/concours

✅ Formez vos équipes

✅ Accompagnez vos projets

✅ Gérez et pilotez votre portefeuille d’innovation

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