All-in-one tool for incubation & innovation management process.

✅ Digitalization of your management process from A to Z

✅ Data-analytics per project & portfolio 

✅ Co-design each project business case based on Vianeo Business Design method.

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Digitize your innovation workflow : from idea to deployment.

Your customised innovation and transformation management workflow

Project identification, evaluation, selection and development.

  Your own digitalised workflow
  Centralized data, accessible to all stakeholders
  Refined, real-time management of the project portfolio

Your space for co-designing business cases for all your projects

For more efficient collaborative work in real time.

  Access to a Business Design method integrating most innovation methods
  An iterative and collaborative roadmap
  Operational deliverables: product/customer data sheets, Business Model, strategic framework, personas, usage scenario, etc.

You asked for committed and valued employees?

Love at the first sight: offer an amazing experience.

  Idea submission and follow-up
✓  Resources for project leaders
  An iterative & measurable progression
  An integrated pedagogy

Make it simple.

Features to make your management more efficient.


Chat, notifications, collaborators…

Documents management

Forms, upload, export…

Users database management

Users roles (project owner, manager, evaluator…), user profiles.


Assessments, milestones, performance indicators and data-analysis at all stages of project maturity.

White label

Your plateforme.
Only yours.


Outscale web hosting, GDRP…


Technical team available and responsive.

It’s time to start.
They approve.

Vianeo, its method and tools, gives all employees the opportunity to innovate with an operational framework that is adapted to uncertainty while providing security. Certified coaches come to support employees and quickly take off in the management of projects. Developing new leadership skills, they become catalysts who give others the means to do! Transforming an organization through innovation is a long-term process and we approach this new approach with positivism and commitment. With Vianeo we learn (fast) by walking (fast)!

Marianne Gaulhet

Innovation Catalyst /Transformation Leader, GE Healthcare

Based on the ISMA360 method, VIANEO is the most complete business model approach that synthesizes and articulates Corporate Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, and Business Model Canvas. Easy to implement, it allows to structure market reflections, identify pitfalls and roadmap in the deployment of successful innovations.

Jean-François Duroch

Innovation Director, Technip-France