Scale your incubator program to the next level

✅ Digitalize your incubation workflow

✅ Put Business Design at the core of your incubation program

  Get a real-time overview and data-analytics on your startup porfolio

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The strengths.

The synthesis of all innovation methodologies.

The Vianeo approach synthesizes Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Blue Ocean, CK, TRL, POC, giving each method its most relevant place.

The map and compass for all your internal and external exploratory projects.

A unique platform to foster collaboration on your intrapreneurship, transformation and new business model projects.

Real-time monitoring of each of your projects and the entire portfolio.

Assessments, milestones, performance indicators and data-analysis at all stages of project maturity.

Digitalize your incubation workflow from A to Z.

An experience.

Your customized incubation workflow

Projects’ identification, evaluation, selection and support.

Your digital platform
Centralized data
Management of the project portfolio

A co-designing space for the market strategy of your startups

For more efficient collaborative work in real time.

Focus on the go-to-market strategy with our exclusive Business Design method    
Find the product-market fit faster with an iterative and collaborative action plan   
Get operational outputs: product/customer data sheets, Business Model Canvas, Pitch, etc

Engage your startups as soon as the project is submitted

Love at the first sight: offer an amazing experience.

Application submission and follow-up
Free resources
Measurable progress

A complete offer.


A complete incubation management platform


A platform for white label projects proposals (SaaS)

 Projects identification


A full-stack innovation management platform


From selection to tailor-made and scalable coaching.

  Integration of the call for projects part
+ Animation of a Business Design workshop for project leaders
+ Premium access to video content (Mooc)


Two complementary services


A Business Design Workshop for Project Leaders & Expert Certification for Innovation Managers.

  Your full-stack Incubation Management Platform
  + Training / skills transfer for managers
  + Individual Coaching for Business Design Certification
  + Joining Club Vianeo

It’s time to start.
They approve.

Vianeo, its method and its platform, makes it possible to objectify the process of supervision and follow-up of projects to facilitate the role of the coach by helping him/her to adopt the right posture and to objectify his exchanges with the startuper. A new and more efficient way of thinking and managing innovation
Grégoire Burgé

Innovation and development manager, AgroParisTech

These two intense days allowed our students and doctoral students entrepreneurs to pose the key elements of their project thanks to a methodology that is simple in use but powerful in terms of analysis results. The teams left with concrete tools allowing them to clarify their action plans and their business model with a new dynamic. To be redone!
Virginie Lamarche

Entrepreneurship Officer, Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Vianeo makes a complete diagnosis on the state of maturation of innovation projects, identifies the strengths, differentiators and development challenges. The objective is to reconnect project leaders to the reality in the exploratory phase. An indispensable posture to improve their offer and validate a business model.
Sébastien Carraro

Digital Account Manager, Semia

A great incubator comes with successful startups. This is where Vianeo comes in.

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