ISMA360® Methodology

It is while accompanying by entrepreneurs carrying innovating projects that Dominique Vian, Information Systems Engineer, had the intuition of a systemic method specific to market access for innovations. Thus was born the Method ISMA360® whose acronym means “Innovation Systemic Marketing Analysis”. He then carried out a doctorate on the topic. Since then, Dominique Vian has been pursuing his research and supporting the method’s deployment. In 2005, Séverine Herlin was accompanying innovative projects in Sophia-Antipolis. Noticing the inadequacy of standard strategic marketing methods, she did a benchmark of all existing approaches for innovation marketing. While most of them remain at a rather theoretical level, she found in the method ISMA360 ® a particularly operational and efficient approach to guide the entrepreneur and his team in their strategic reflection.

The first applications of this approach have immediately validated her intuition and motivated her to create ViaNeo with Dominique Vian, in order to found the conditions for a large scale deployment of the method. It is the first systemic approach in the world of innovation marketing to present in an organized and related way all 13 variables and 35 questions specific to the innovation context. Taking into account these variables and questions specific to innovation, the ISMA360® method describes the whole process through which the entrepreneur must go to identify, at a specified time, the most relevant market entry point. This process allows the innovator to identify, organize and rationalize all his/her information. Thus, at a specified time, he/she is able to extract a logical and operational representation of a market and its accessibility.

The method is based on the theory of near decomposability systems (Herbert Simon, 2000) and the theory of effectuation (Saras Sarasvathy, 1998), the method consists of two main parts, themselves decomposed into four parts. The method integrated with ViaDesigner software is a collaborative solution for innovators’ advisers or for project managers and a tool of decision-making for innovators themselves.

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