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You work in the innovation world? You support project owners?
So, you probably already asked yourself how to ensure the viability of the projects you work on. 

👉 You’re about to discover a fun and concrete way to validate your projects. This method willl save you precious time in your daily work. You can adapt it to all types of projects and situations.

Based on Vianeo method.

With the Vianeo Business Design method, you will be able to analyse the different markets and make sure to set up an adapted strategy to launch the projects successfully.


With this white book you will get:

A business design method that can be adapted to all the projects you support

The right postures to adopt when dealing with the project owner.

Ensuring the viability of projects in their early stages.

The best way to
explore a market.

The definition of an effective strategy
for the projects you support.

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Get the Vianeo certification and bring project owners to design their go-to-market strategy.

The objective of the certification is to master a systemic and iterative method to design the most relevant go-to-market strategy in order to gain time, structure and relevance in the support of innovators.


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Added value of the Vianeo method and platform

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Source: Post-training satisfaction questionnaires – 2020 Review – 60 responses

Who are we?

Vianeo is a method coupled with a Business Design platform created to validate innovative projects and adaptable to all your innovation processes. We have created an interactive hopscotch representing our Business Design method in the form of a playful iterative path that you can follow with the project leaders that you support.

The whole Vianeo team makes it a point of honour to place the human being at the heart of innovation and digitalization processes.

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