Deployment of a large-scale internal intrapreneurship program


    • General Management
    • Innovation Department
    • Digital Department
    • RH Department


    • Making employees actors in the future of their company
    • Training in innovation management methods
    • Fostering the emergence of innovative business models

Vianeo Solutions

    • Expert certification of managers
    • Training workshops on innovation methods (Design Thinking – Lean startup…)
    • Continuous remote coaching of projects
    • Start + Full platform in white label

“Vianeo, its method and tools, give all employees the opportunity to innovate with an operational framework that is adapted to uncertainty while providing security. Certified coaches support employees and quickly take off in project management. Developing new leadership skills, they become catalysts that empower others to do! Transforming an organization through innovation is a long-term process and we approach this new approach with positivism and commitment. With Vianeo we learn (fast) by walking (fast)!”

Marianne Gaulhet

Innovation Catalyst/ Transformation Leader

With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Un embarquement immédiat !

✅ Organisez vos appels à projets/concours

✅ Formez vos équipes

✅ Accompagnez vos projets

✅ Gérez et pilotez votre portefeuille d’innovation

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