Transform your idea into a project!

Vianeo is a collaborative platform based on the Business Design methodology.
It will support you to build your market study : key element of a project.

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Improve your pitch
Share your vision with your partners
Ensure that your idea have the potential
Learn how to build a market strategy
Get a sharper of your project and identify the parts to be improved

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platform functionalities

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Present your project with Vianeo-freemium

Present your project strategy answering 16 key questions.
Get a simple and easy to share synthesis document.

Evaluate your project with Vianeo-freemium

Evaluate your market strategy maturity.
Get a global evaluation radar of your project.

Design your strategy with Vianeo-premium

Qualify all market strategy related data.
Get dashboards.
Based your decision on objective, complete and robust analysis.

Vianeo platform integrate in exclusivity Business Design methodology by Vianeo.

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Validate your project market value!

Project owners: entrepreneur - start-up - FMI - self-employed

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Your project starting or in a pivoting phase?
Are you in a period of questioning or uncertainty?
Design with your team the best project strategy!


The project owner and his team (3-4 project teams number minimum).


  • Apply our Business Design methodology from A to Z on your project.
  • Integrate Design thinking, lean startup and effectuation approaches into your analysis.
  • Validate step by step the 5 value proofs of your project : legitimacy, desirability, acceptability, feasibility, viability.


  • Share your vision.
  • Design the market strategy with your team.
  • Build your pitch and the project business case.
  • Define an immediate action plan.
  • Integrate an efficient, operational and iterative exploratory methodology.
  • After the workshop, access your project with the online Vianeo platform.


  • 2 days.
  • Eligible to lifelong training budget.

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