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Train and become Certified in an unparalleled method of Business Design to accompany any type of complex and uncertain project towards value creation.

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We offer you to master a systemic and iterative method to accompany innovation or transformation projects in the construction of their strategy.


Upcoming inter-company sessions

June 2021 Session 
100% digital

  • March 2th - PM
  • April 8th - PM 
  • April 9th - PM
  • April 10th - PM
  • April 14th - PM
  • April 16th - AM 
September 2021 Session 
100% digital

  • September 14th - AM 
  • September 16th - AM 
  • September 21st - AM
  • September 23rd - AM 
  • September 28th - AM 
  • September 30th - AM 

The trainings are accessible in inter or intra-company and can be adapted to your own issues. They are available in face-to-face or distance learning. 

Our trainings are referenced by all the financing organizations of professional training. Our Certification has been filed with the Professional Certification Commission of France Compétences for its registration in the specific directory.

Vianeo is a qualiopi certified training organization.

Remote or on-site training

A progressive skills transfer path allowing a maximum appropriation by the application on real projects.


1+2 days of training or 21h spread over 3 weeks.

First Step

Day 1 : the fundamentals of conducting exploratory projects 
Day 2 & 3 : Full application of Vianeo's Business Design method on 1 project

Each year: 4 to 9 participants per session

Detailed program

1+2 days of training or 21h spread over 3 weeks.

3 month

Expert Certified

- 6 hours of individual distance learning based on 3 projects chosen by the learner
- 3 access licenses for the Vianeo-Full platform
- Validation of the Certification: online exam + oral defense
- 2 sessions of 3h45 with the group of learners to share good practices and feedback 1 month and 3 months

Prerequisite: Perform Vianeo First Step

Each year: 4 to 9 participants per session


Day 1 : Feedback, sharing of good practices between peers and deepening of the method and the platform's evolutions.
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Reserved for trained and/or certified

Each year: 4 to 9 participants per session

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