The Vianeo method, what is it?

Innovating or transforming is, by definition, designing new solutions in a complex and uncertain environment.

The Vianeo method is a Business Design method which:

  • makes project owners both agile and strategic
  • guides them step by step through the exploration phases
  • helps them to identify all risks and grey areas
  • allows them to define an appropriate action plan
It reduces the time spent finding the right market while ensuring team vision sharing.
How does it work?

Vianeo's Business Design method is a systemic approach composed of 5 steps, each of which allows you to acquire 1 proof of value of the project:

  • Value 1 - Legitimacy : What are the pillars of the project?
  • Value 2 - Desirability : Who are the potential users and their problems to solve?
  • Value 3 - Acceptability : How to integrate into the existing ecosystem? Which partners? Which competitors?
  • Value 4 - Feasibility : What are the solutions to solve user problems?
  • Value 5 - Viability : Who are the customers? What are the products/services? What is the value proposition?
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Vianeo & other methods

Several methods have proven their value in the field of innovation.
Vianeo's objective isn't to make them obsolete but to make the link between all these methods: design thinking, lean startup and BMC.


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Our objective is to transfer to you the ability to use the method on your own. For this purpose, we offer tools that combine pedagogy and gaming:
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The platform
Our collaborative platform exclusively integrates our Business Design method to simplify the management of exploratory projects.
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The Hopscotch
Our hopscotch illustrates the systemic nature of Business Design and details all the variables to be taken into account when conducting an exploratory project.
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The néo card game
Our card game invites you to think and allows you to move from a subjective to an objective and methodological vision to transform an idea into a project.
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The origami
Our origami allows, through a playful approach, to discover the main questions to ask yourself to build a pitch and sell your project.

Business Design Approach

Effectuation theory
The effectual logic, theorized by Professor Saras Sarasvathy, describes the decision process specific to the launch of a project in an uncertain environment.
The human at the core
Our solutions grant an important role to the people, to their personality, by providing them the opportunity to be at the center of the strategy of their project and to do a continuous “Business discernment” job.
The ISMA360® Method
ISMA360®, developed by Dominique Vian, Professor at Skema Business School in Sophia Antipolis, is the first systemic method in the field of innovation marketing. Vianeo is the only company to offer tools that integrate this method.