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2m30 to understand how the Vianeo platform and its integrated method works!

[MOOC] 3 approaches to take the innovator’s position on

durée-formation-vianeo Timing : 10 min

This is the first video of our “Vianeo method” MOOC. It is available to people attending the Vianeo Certification in order to coach innovators.
In this video, you will find out why effectuation, Design Thinking and Lean startup are
complementary in the use of the Vianeo method and their importance
in the life of entrepreneurs.

6 methods to innovate : which one to choose ?

What method to use to innovate? And by the way, should we use a method? 

In a recent post that was circulating on Linkedin , I answered the question about the relevance of entrepreneurship education with this opinion:

Time for an intensive innovation culture: Vianeo scales up to meet the needs of its customers

I founded Vianeo 10 years ago in order to provide innovators with a robust strategic, market driven assessment method. The Business Design Method enables to transmute an idea into a fully-fledged innovation project.

How to Design a Business in 5 steps and 5 proofs of value?

Business Design is method particularly suited to innovative projects. It allows us to respond to the innovator’s enigma “What to sell and to whom?” in 5 steps.