Use Case

Design the internal process for evaluating innovation projects



  • CIO
  • R&D Direction


Objectify the analysis of ideas and project selection criteria throughout the innovation process:

  • Foster the emergence of value-added ideas for the group
  • Adapt the evaluation to each stage of project maturation
  • Co-design an evaluation grid based on collective intelligence work

Vianeo Solution

  • strategic consulting services
  • collective intelligence workshops


« The approach proposed by Vianeo has enabled us to lead and structure a collective reflection around the management of our upstream innovation processes (Ideation / POC / Project Launch).
We have redefined management tools adapted to each stage, which are also tools to help select the best innovation opportunities. In the end... a more rational and efficient process! »

Patrick SEGA - Group R&D Transversal Projects Director

The shortest path
from idea to business