Vianeo Certified Experts

They have obtained Vianeo Expert certification. These innovation professionals can help you build your project. You can contact them directly

Olivier Eschapasse
Olivier Eschapasse Management Coaching
Nice & Paris, France
Areas of expertise: preparation for innovation, definition of optimum positioning, understanding product failure, making marketing and R & D work together and finding alliances.
Roland Pesty
Roland Pesty Business growth support
Grenoble & Lausanne, France
Areas of expertise: Turning ideas into profitable businesses by concentrating on "making sense"
Lyonel Sireuille
Lyonel Sireuille Accompagnant d'entreprise innovante
Areas of expertise: Ideation - Branding - Accès au Marchés - Explorations - Business Discernement - Dev. Produit - Prototypage - Marketing - Business Development
Michel Cezon Startup Coaching
Grenoble, France
Areas of expertise: Coaching, training and mediation for technology start-ups. Team and business support
Chéraz Younes
Chéraz Younes Consultant
Paris-Saclay, France
Areas of expertise: financing innovation - grants and repayable advances (public investment banks and H2020), unsecured loans, funds raised from Business Angels; and health/life sciences
Falk Fernbach
Falk Fernbach Consultant
Areas of expertise: Strategy, marketing and innovation
Frédérique Sauzet
Frédéric Sauzet Innovation Consulting
Geneva, Switzerland
Areas of expertise: Innovation - Creativity - Entrepreneurship
Laurent Martin
Laurent Martin Open Innovation Consultant
Paris, France
Areas of expertise: Market access strategy in open innovation - Build/Borrow/Buy method - Blue Ocean - ISMA 360 needs engineering / systems engineering
France Selvides
France Selvides Innovation Consultant
Aix-en-Provence, France
Areas of expertise: Advice & training in innovation management: energy, cosmetics, environment, textile, early childhood, tourism, specialized distribution and food sectors
Yassir Abid Innovation Consulting
Lille, France
Areas of expertise: Assistance in setting up, financing and promoting innovation projects
Thomas Ribeiro
Thomas Ribeiro Business Engineer at Descartes Incubator's
Champs-sur-Marne, France
Areas of expertise: Startup coaching, innovative project financial engineering
Thomas Ribeiro
Patrick Sure Consulting in Innovation Management and Business Strategy
Nice, France
Areas of expertise: Product marketing, strategy, startups - companies, training, RFID