EDF Pulse, An Innovation Plateform Managed By ViaNeo

For the second consecutive year, EDF Pulse price will reward 3 technological innovation in the energy domain.

« EDF Pulse has the cream of the companies who innove in energy, technology and reduction in electric consumption »

At the begining, there were a 100 companies. But, only 3 technological innovation will be reward the next 22nd of June by EDF. With EDF Pulse program, the energy company wishes to promote the eventual project to change our life by harnessing electricity.

In the end, 3 prizes of 100,000 euros, without thinking at the good news after the competition for winners. They will be more credible to investors, customers and partners. The 3 prizes are : “Smart Living and electricity” which will crown a technological innovation to improve our daily lives in the field of housing, mobility and urban planning. “Health and electricity” which bestow a innovative project in medical and wellness domain. Finally, “Science and electricity” to encourage R&D work in the energy storage domain.

The overall management of the competition since its launch on 1 September 2014, was carried out by teams of EDF Pulse with the support of ViaDesigner Select, a software platform developed by Vianeo.

For Nathalie Puyal, Senior Communications Officer at EDF and in charge of the organization of the competition, the solution is “a very effective and powerful tool that allowed the back-office team to have a simplified and optimized work.”

It has enabled all stakeholders in the project:

    • To monitor in real time the receipt of new applications
    • Access very simply to the list and content of the candidates’ files
    • Qualify the projects
    • Exchange among experts on issues
    • Exchange with candidates all along the process
    • Exchange and trace all the decisions taken at various stages of selection


This tool has helped accelerate and improve our analytical processes and internal communication within the organization of EDF Pulse Price. Very satisfied, we plan to use it again for future editions of the Pulse Price EDF and to continue our collaboration with Vianeo.

Nathalie Puyal

Senior Communications Officer, EDF Pulse

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