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 Your needs

Help the project leaders to strengthen it before the support

    • Support project leaders towards greater maturity of their project
    • Improve the entrepreneurs’ skills
    • Limit the time spent supporting them before incubation

Vianeo’ solution

Bootcamp de 2 jours pour concevoir en équipe la stratégie marché du projet

I found the Vianeo tool very effective and structuring. It makes it possible to get out of this feeling of thick fog made up of a pile of messy information.

Thanks to the global visualization of project data, Vianeo makes it possible to build a coherent strategy without any grey areas.

Ronan Boutin


With Vianeo, evaluate, select and manage a portfolio of innovative projects

Un embarquement immédiat !

✅ Organisez vos appels à projets/concours

✅ Formez vos équipes

✅ Accompagnez vos projets

✅ Gérez et pilotez votre portefeuille d’innovation

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