Our philosophy

Vianeo method

Vianeo Business Design Framework is based 20 questions divided into 5 steps. Each step allows to validate 1 out of the 5 project’s proof of value:

#1 – Legitimacy :

What is the DNA and the roots of the project?

Valeur 2 – Desirability :

Who are the relevant requesters for a new solution? What are their needs?

Valeur 3 – Acceptability :

How is organized the current ecosystem? 

Valeur 4 – Feasibility :

What is your solution to solve current problems and needs?

Valeur 5 – Viability :

What is the right market positioning for your offer to create value for clients?

All innovation methodologies in 1

The Vianeo method integrates each of these methods into the overall journey from idea to value creation: Design thinking, Lean Startup, BMC, Blue Ocean, CK, TRL, MVP.

Effectuation theory

Effectuation, based on Professor Saras Sarasvathy’s research, describes the specific state of mind and decision making process of an entrepreneur who is facing uncertainty and complexity.

ISMA360® method

ISMA360® method, designed by Dominique Vian, Professor at Skema Business School is the first systemic method for innovation marketing. Vianeo is the only company to propose online tools to access to this method.

Human at core

In uncertain and complex project management, Human is key. Our approach gives the main role to the project leader and his/her team getting into account their personalities, experiences and feelings all along the design of their business.